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Press Releases

Telecel changes its strategy in football sponsorship

Lisbon, 09 May 2000 – Telecel has decided to adopt a new strategy for sponsoring Portuguese football. The company will cease to have its logo printed on the shirts of the three biggest teams from the beginning of next season and instead, Telecel will be present in Portuguese football through other methods, which will soon be disclosed.

Telecel has been the main sponsor of the Benfica and Sporting shirts and also, co-sponsor of Porto since the 96/97 season. Having been sponsors of the teams during the last four seasons, Telecel has achieved its main goals and has now decided to take advantage of other areas of corporate activity that exist in the area of football. This will enable Telecel to continue to promote itself to the football supporters.

Since the beginning of its activities, Telecel has also sponsored the most diverse modalities, symbols of mobility and freedom of movements, which are also characteristic of the cellular service. These include motor sports (“Baja 1000 Telecel” and “Telecel Vitamina R” team for instance) and also other sports such as tennis, athletics, golf, sails and several other radical sports.