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Telecel leads in GPRS

Telecel has been testing the new technology used for data transmission GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), which is set to revolutionise the usage of data services and Internet access through GSM networks.

Having signed a contract with Ericsson in December 1999, Telecel was one of the first European operators to receive the test equipment for this innovative technology, which will soon be available to its Customers. Telecel has been vigorously testing the technology and it has successfully made the first GPRS call in Portugal.

GPRS is a data transmission system by packages, which allows its users to be permanently on-line and it also increases the speed of data communications above those achievable on GSM networks which are currently at 9600 bps. In the future, GPRS will enable rates to go higher than a transmission rate of 100.000 bps.

When GPRS is used in conjunction with WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Internet access becomes faster, which in turn makes it easier and quicker to look up WAP sites on your mobile phone, make e-commerce transactions and use other services valued by Customers. Telecel launched its WAP service, the first in Portugal, in November 1999.

With this technology, Telecel aims to maintain its leadership in the mobile data and Internet revolution. As a cellular and Internet service provider which also offers fixed services in Portugal, Telecel is again in a good position to develop new projects that will contribute to the growth of the information society in our country.