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Telecel joins forces with to provide speedier Internet access

Telecel is introducing to the Portuguese market a new product which will increase mobile navigation speed over the Internet. The product will be available via the Telecel network and is named BlueKite, the same name as its developer, a Company based in the US. BlueKite will enable speedier transmission rates for those wishing to navigate the Internet using a portable PC on the GSM network.

This new feature offered by Telecel enables transmission speed rates of 56kbps (comparable to 9.6kbps in regular GSM) through new technologies of data compression, which can increase the speed of download to the maximum rate allowed by the fixed network. Users will therefore have faster, easier and cheaper Internet navigation via their mobile phone.

This service is currently exclusive to the Telecel network, which in turn reinforces its position as a leading provider of data mobile communications including Internet access via the mobile phone.

Telecel has been testing the new technology used for data transmission General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), which is set to revolutionise the usage of data services and Internet access through GSM networks. Telecel has already successfully made the first GPRS call in Portugal. Having signed a contract with Ericsson in December 1999, Telecel was one of the first European operators to receive the test equipment for this innovative technology, which will soon be available to its Customers.