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Telecel launches the revolutionary Vitamina H

Lisbon, 21 June 2000 – Tomorrow Telecel launches Vitamina H in Portugal. Vitamina H is a new prepaid product, which allows customers to select the “Hour” – an additional time period to be charged as an off peak rate.

Customers can choose one of the following time periods to be charged as off peak: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., 12 a.m. to 6 p.m. or 5 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. The traditional off peak times, which are during the night, between 10.30 p.m. and 8 p.m., weekends and on national holidays will still apply as well.

Vitamina H has been designed to meet the needs and usage of individual customers. The overall tariff plan for Vitamina H is very straightforward: 30 PTE (0.15 EUR) per minute for national calls made in the extended off-peak period and 90 PTE (0.45 EUR) per minute for the remaining period, regardless of which network you are calling. This means that customers can make calls to the other Portuguese operators for the same price as calling the Telecel network.

Vitamina H also offers further discounts based on overall monthly consumption. If you use over 3,000 PTE (14.96 EUR) then a 20% discount on tariffs over this amount during the remainder of the month will apply. This brings the tariff down to 24 PTE (0.12 EUR) per minute for off-peak calls and 72 PTE (0.36 EUR) per minute at other times of the day.

Mr. António Coimbra, Vice-President for Customer Relations said: “Telecel’s Vitamina H is, without question, the most competitive prepaid product in the Portuguese market for the vast majority of non-professional users. Vitamina H innovative features were designed according to indications given by customers on market surveys. We believe Vitamina H is set to fuel cellular market growth in Portugal and we expect to have more than 100,000 Vitamina H customers by the end of the year.”

Vitamina H is available on the small Sagem 920 handset for 19,900 PTE (99.26 EUR), with 21,000 PTE (104.75 EUR) of airtime included, of which 3,000 PTE (14.96 EUR) is instantly available when you purchase the handset and the rest will be offered as bonuses. You get 3,000 PTE (14.96 EUR) free for each of the first six loadings made of 7,000 PTE (34.92 EUR) or over. This offer is only available for customers who place the first call before 30 June 2000.

Vitamina H is also available as a SIM card, for 5,000 PTE (24.94 EUR), with 3,000 PTE (14.96 EUR) of airtime included.

Note: Values include VAT.