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Press Releases

Telecel "netc" has been renewed

Lisbon, 14 June 2000 – Telecel today announced several novelties regarding its presence in Internet.

The “netc fri”, Telecel’s free access service to the Internet, has now four e-mail boxes and is freely distributed. Until now “netc fri” was sold at 500 PTE (2,49 EUR). The installation CD-Rom can be request at any Telecel store.

The “netc” portal has now new contents and renewed graphic image with a more innovative and advanced design. Its users have now access to the Altavista search engine, which allows a high quality research in Portuguese web sites. This search engine allows not just researching text but also pictures and image (including MP3 files). The “netc” has also a new editorial team who is now backed up by Rádio Renascença for the national and international news and by Desporto Digital for sport news and channels. Therefore, the “netc” portal has now available soundtracks in the news channel, as in the sport channel were included more sports and issues.

The European Football Championship can also be permanently followed in the “netc” portal or through Telecel’s WAP Service, including information on match results, score tables and overviews on the team stages.

It has also been introduced a new fashion channel, produced exclusively by the ex-model Xana Nunes, that gives information on the market and the main events in the passerelle world. Besides other novelties is now possible to access directly through the “netc” portal to chat rooms and forums of discussion. The portal has also new web postals produced by Autor Multimédia.

All the portal new contents are available through Telecel’s WAP service.