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Telecel offers Direct Fixed Access

Lisbon, 6 June 2000 – Telecel is now offering direct access on its fixed network, which uses FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) technology as its main support.

Through this wireless access technology, Telecel will now offer its Customers direct fixed access on voice and data services Internet and leased lines, tailored to their specific communications needs.

This Telecel service is aimed mainly at business Customers, looking for a global solution to their communication needs in broad band. The service is already available in Lisbon and other cities in Portugal and by the end of the year it will be available in several district and local capitals.

Telecel will invest over PTE 20 billion (EUR 100 billion), during the 15 years over which it holds the licence. This amount does not include the significant investments the company will continue to undertake, in connection with switching capacity, infrastructure networks or billing invoicing systems, which will also be used in the Company’s fixed network services. Telecel sees Direct Fixed Access as a vital component in satisfying the ever-larger array of global communications requirements of its Customers, regardless of the technological support used.