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Telecel launches new Vitamina T with top of the range Motorola v3688

Lisbon, 11 August 2000 –Telecel is about to launch the Vitamina T with the Motorola v3688 – an apparatus with an innovative design, which is unique with regard to its lightness and small size.

The Motorola v3688 is a top of the range telephone that at the beginning of last July was sold at 114,900 escudos (573.12 euros). With this new release, the Motorola v3688 will be more accessible at 44,900 escudos (223.96 euros), with 46,000 escudos (229.45 euros) of calls included, 10,000 escudos (49.88 euros) being pre-loaded and the remaining amount offered as a bonus of 3,000 escudos (14.96 euros) in the first twelve payments of 7,000 escudos (34.92 euros) or more.

The Motorola v3688 is a dual band cellular telephone with high quality sound that has important functionalities, namely the call by vibration or customisation of menus, among others.

This Vitamina T contains all the features and benefits of the other Vitamina family of products, characterised by its simplicity and convenience, absence of monthly payments and cost control on the telephone visor.

Note: Values include VAT.