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Telecel launches new WAP hosting service for "netc" Customers

The new WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) hosting service has been available since 10 August to “netc” Customers. This service newly introduced by Telecel, enables personal pages to be created in WAP, accessible through a mobile WAP service at any time in any place.

The new WAP service is provided to all Customers that have hosting service for Web pages (“NexiNet”, “netc directo”, “netc e tal” and “netc grupo”). WAP pages can be placed using the graphical interface available in the Customer “netc” area (‘A minha Página – My Page’ – ‘Publicação – Publication’) and selecting the ‘WAP Publicação’ button. Users of an FTP programme must place their WAP pages in the PUBLIC_WML directory, with identical functioning to that used for Web pages.