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Quinta-Feira, 14 de Setembro de 2000

Telecel launches the exclusive Vitamina H to help Timor get back to school

In collaboration with Swatch

Telecel has launched the new version of the Vitamina H, in collaboration with the Swatch «school» campaign. The initiative has the aim of helping to create the means and conditions for Timorese children to return to school.

For each Vitamina H with the “school” Swatch – available at 27,500 escudos (137.17 euros), with 3,000 escudos (14.96 euros) worth of calls included – which includes the Nokia 3210 and the “school” Swatch, 1,350 escudos (6.73 euros) will go towards the Timorese cause.

Vitamina H, launched last July is a rechargeable product that enables its users to choose their H hour – this is their off-peak period – in accordance with their preferences, connecting to any national network, fixed or mobile, at the same price.

Note: Values include VAT.