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Press Releases

TelecelOnline launches “Webboom@netc” shop

Lisbon, 26 January 2001 – TelecelOnline has launched a new shop on the netc portal. Webboom@netc is the result of a partnership between TelecelOnline and Porto Editora, and will offer 40,000 products, ranging from books and games to multimedia products such as on-line encyclopaedias and educational software, complementing the range of products currently available on the portal at

In addition to Webboom, TelecelOnline has established partnership agreements with organisations specialising in flowers (Liz Garden), books and music (Net2Sofa), hardware and software (Solbi and Triudus), astrology services (Mar Portuguez), and gifts (Submarino), as well as selling Telecel Vodafone products and services.

The e-commerce area of the netc portal has its own structure, with a range of products matching the profile of today’s typical on-line buyer. Just as at any sales outlet, the customer can obtain information on new products, recommended buys and special promotions.

TelecelOnline makes the security and confidentiality of its customers’ data the top priority of its e-business. This is ensured by using protocols such as Verisign’s SSL (Security Sockets Layer) and the SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) protocol developed by Visa and implemented in Portugal by Unicre.