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New services for business on Telecel Vodafone’s GPRS network

Telecel Vodafone is about to become the first mobile operator in Portugal (and one of the first ten in the world) to incorporate Microsoft’s Pocket PC 2002 platform into its range of business services. The solution will provide customers with complete mobile access to information, allowing them easy and secure access to e-mail, calendar and corporate data.

Telecel Vodafone will launch a range of complementary offerings to its GPRS service between Q4 01 and Q1 02, addressing its enterprise customers’ need for constantly updated data on the move and benefiting customers by providing a significantly enhanced user experience.

“By combining Telecel Vodafone’s established quality of service with Microsoft’s groundbreaking Pocket PC 2002 platform, we will provide a significantly better user experience with regard to the use of mobile data services in Portugal”, said Lino Castro Silva, Telecel Vodafone’s 3G Lab Director.

The Pocket PC 2002 platform includes the built-in support for WAP and VPN (Virtual Private Network) functionality, which are essential features for the successful deployment of secure, corporate-grade mobile information services.

“Enterprise customers view mobile access to their corporate data through the Internet and Intranet portals, and secure access to corporate information as a key element in their mobile computing strategy,” said Robbie Wright, Director, Microsoft’s EMEA Mobility Group. “Telecel Vodafone’s endorsement of the Pocket PC 2002 platform helps to address this key enterprise need, and deliver a real benefit for its customers”.

In addition to these new security and communications capabilities, the inclusion of Media Player 8 will make the Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 one of Telecel Vodafone’s key enablers for providing multimedia services on its GPRS network.