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Portuguese Navy and Telecel Vodafone sign contract for supply of services

A major contract for the supply of telecommunications services has been signed between Telecel Vodafone and the Portuguese Navy. Under the contract, Telecel Vodafone will supply mobile, fixed and convergent services (including VPNs – virtual private networks), thereby becoming the Navy’s global telecommunications operator.

Telecel Vodafone is naturally pleased and proud to have signed this contract with the Portuguese Navy. The contract demonstrates the confidence placed by such a prestigious institution with major responsibilities in the reliability and quality of Telecel Vodafone’s network and services, and in the competitiveness of its prices.

The agreement was signed on 9 October by the Vice-Chief of the Navy General Staff, Vice-Admiral Luís Mota e Silva, and the Vice-President of Marketing and Sales of Telecel Vodafone, Mr. António Coimbra.