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Telecel Vodafone – Transition to VODAFONE brand name completed

Lisbon, 4 October 2001 – With effect from 22 October, Telecel Vodafone will be known simply as Vodafone. This will conclude, some three months earlier than originally planned, the transition phase to the new brand name, announced in December 2000.

The changeover is the result of a complex and successful process of migration to the new brand name, and reflects the very positive welcome received from customers and the general public. Successive studies carried out since the start of the transition phase have shown a high level of recognition and receptivity to the Vodafone brand, and a strong association with the Telecel brand.

This process, reflecting the Company’s link to the world’s largest mobile communications group, has been under way simultaneously in other European operators. Telecel Vodafone is the first operator in the Group to make the definitive change of brand name.

2001 is a transitional period for several operators in the Group. The changeover to the Vodafone brand is one element in a process designed to forge the biggest and best global mobile telecommunications brand and one of the ten better known brands in the world, anticipating a future of convergence and service improvements on a world scale.

The Vodafone Group is the world’s largest mobile communications group, with over 93 million customers in 29 countries spread over five continents. Being part of a group of this nature and size will enable the Company to benefit from a powerful brand name and to offer customers even more competitive prices, together with new, and ever better and more distinctive services and equipment.

The advertising campaign announcing the definitive changeover to the Vodafone brand will be launched on 8 October.