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Press Releases

Quinta-Feira, 29 de Novembro de 2001

Voice-Activated Voice Mail Service

An Exclusive Vodafone Service

Vodafone now offers its Voice-Activated Voice Mail Service to all existing and future customers..

The Voice-Activated Voice Mail Service is an exclusive Vodafone service enabling customers to access their mail boxes from any telephone and to listen to and organise received messages, using simple voice commands in Portuguese. Among other benefits, this revolutionary service will increase mobility and freedom of movement in innumerable situations, such as while driving or using a computer. It will continue to be possible, however, to access the mail box using the telephone keypad.

The first phase of the Voice-Activated Voice Mail Service was launched on 25 September, and was only available at that time to Regular Tariff Plan customers. As from today, it will also be available to new customers of pre-paid services.

Existing customers who already have another Voice Mail service active and wish to change to the Voice-Activated Voice Mail Service can do so free-of-charge by calling Vodafone Customer Services on 16 912.

At present, this new service is provided at no cost to Vodafone customers.