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Press Releases

TelecelOnline creates Netsaúde – Web Services for the medical profession

TelecelOnline and Digipart SGPS are the major shareholders of a new Company, Netsaúde, set up to provide Internet services for the medical profession.

Netsaúde – Gestão e Prestação de Serviços na Área da Saúde, via Internet, S.A. is owned in equal 40% holdings by TelecelOnline and Digipart SGPS with the remaining 20% owned by individual shareholders. The Company, whose Chairman of the Board of Directors is Paulo Rodrigues da Silva, also Vice-Chairman of Telecel Vodafone, has an equity capital of two million Euros.

Netsaúde will develop and supply communication and content services geared towards the medical profession. These services will be based in a portal to be launched in the second quarter of 2001.