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Telecel Vodafone’s NexiFix offers the best fixed network rates for the business segment

Lisbon, 2 March 2001 – As from 12 March, NexiFix 1091, Telecel Vodafone’s Indirect Fixed Access Service directed for business users will be offering new and even cheaper rates to customers, thereby continuing to be a better alternative than the incumbent operator for the business sector.

The new tariff structure will enable customers to save up to 67% on national calls and up to 78% on calls to the main international destinations, when compared with the incumbent operator’s basic rates. The absence of a connection charge means that significant savings can be made. This means that customers will benefit on short-duration calls since the cost for the first minute is the same as for subsequent minutes.

NexiFix 1091 is an extremely clear and simple tariff structure enabling customers to work out the cost of each call from the destination area code. The tariff structure is divided into three plans (NexiFix Basic, NexiFix Level 1 and NexiFix Level 2), with calls to the national fixed network divided into two groups, depending on the originating and destination area codes:

Calls between two numbers with the same area code (e.g. 21 to 21)
Calls between two numbers with different area codes (e.g. 21 to 22)

To make a call via NexiFix 1091, the customer only needs to dial “1091” in front of the desired number or, even simpler, apply for the operator pre-selection option and have all his calls automatically routed via the Telecel Vodafone network. To be able to use NexiFix 1091, the customer does not need to change his current telephone numbers or invest in new fixed phones or switchboards.

In addition, NexiFix 1091 does not require Telecel Vodafone customers to sign up to a minimum usage or contract period, and has no initial fee or monthly charges. The only charges are for calls made, and these can be included on the customer’s Telecel Vodafone bill, along with his mobile network calls.

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Level 1


Level 2

Number of Customer’s Telecel Vodafone Cellular Phones

up to 5 or

Internet customer

6 to 39

40 or more

National Calls

(cost per minute at any time of day)

Fixed network, between identical area codes

7.80 PTE

7.40 PTE

7.00 PTE

Fixed network, between different area codes

13.50 PTE

12.50 PTE

11.50 PTE

TELECEL VODAFONE mobile network

53.00 PTE

TMN mobile network

58.00 PTE

Optimus mobile network

60.00 PTE

International Calls

(cost per minute at any time of day)

Fixed networks in Spain

13.50 PTE

USA, Canada and fixed networks in Germany, the UK, France and

20.50 PTE

Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, the Vatican and
fixed networks in Norway and in the Rest of the EU

23.00 PTE

Mobile networks in the EU, Norway, and Switzerland

36.00 PTE

Angola and Brazil

46.00 PTE

Venezuela, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Timor, Japan, Hong Kong,
Taiwan and South Korea

57.00 PTE

Rest of Europe, Israel, South Africa, Tunisia, Mozambique, Cape Verde,
Morocco and Algeria

63.00 PTE

Rest of the World

149.00 PTE

Satellite Networks (Inmarsat and Globalstar)

840.00 PTE

Where destination networks for international calls are not mentioned, the prices shown apply both to mobile and fixed networks.
Billing is per second after the first minute.
It is possible to take advantage of NexiFix Level 1 and NexiFix Level 2 Plan prices even when the number of Telecel Vodafone cellular phones is less than 6 or 40, by signing up to a 6-month subscription period for, respectively:
. 5.000$ of calls per month x 6 months — access to NexiFix Level 1 Plan
. 15.000$ of calls per month x 6 months — access to NexiFix Level 2 Plan
These sums are billed monthly and must be used on NexiFix 1091 calls made from any number on the customer’s account up to the end of the 6 month period (beginning on the date of subscription).
The NexiFix Basic plan is limited to Telecel Vodafone customers.
Prices shown are subject to VAT at the applicable rate.