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Telecel Vodafone launches SMS Games

Telecel Vodafone has launched, for the first time in Portugal, an entertainment service that enables Customers to play games through the Short Message Service (SMS).

This innovative and entertaining service is available to all Customers, who can access the games by sending messages to the number 1564. Games may be played on any Telecel Vodafone mobile phone.

In the first instance 5 games are be made available: Genius, Speedy, Wordy, FightClub and Penalty-Kick. These are a variety of games, ranging from general knowledge quizzes to games involving speed and co-ordination. Soon after this initial launch, more games will be provided. From 2 July onwards, enticing weekly and monthly Siemens Mobile prizes will be awarded to the best players.

Accessing this service is very easy. Simply send written messages with the relevant instruction to the number 1564. The instructions can also be consulted on the service webpage, at

As part of the promotional campaign, this service is completely free until 1 July.