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Telecel Vodafone launches the first SMS Chat Service

Telecel Vodafone is the first operator in Portugal to provide a service that enables Customers to chat communally through the Short Message Service (SMS). From today onwards Telecel Vodafone Customers can chat in a group with their friends, or people they do not know, using their mobile phone.

This innovative easy-to-use service will enable Telecel Vodafone Customers to take part in private or public Chat Rooms. In order to do so they need only to send written messages to the number 1562, identifying the destination room at the start of the message. The messages are immediately delivered to participants in these rooms. All customers will be identified by nicknames, thus guaranteeing complete confidentiality. Their number is never shown. If Customers would like to carry out more advanced options, such as creating private or public rooms, search for rooms or manage their own rooms, they should consult the Telecel Vodafone Web Page (, activate the on-line services and enter the Service page.

The price of the service is 20 escudos (0.1 euros) per message sent and 6 escudos (0.03 euros) per message received by all Customers, except those with the Vitamina H or Vitamina P plans, for whom the price is 8 escudos (0.04 euros) per message sent or received. The messages generated automatically by the service are free of charge. As part of the launch campaign this service is completely free until 17 June.

Note: Prices shown are subject to VAT at the applicable rate.