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Telecel Vodafone – Communication on Roaming

The difficulties experienced in making roaming calls since the morning of Monday 6 August are due to the inability of PT/Marconi to provide Telecel Vodafone, since that time, with the service over which those communications are made. This fault is said to be due to the congestion on international connections, with the result that other Portuguese operators are expected to have suffered similar problems.

Naturally, use of the roaming service peaks during the holiday season. The occurrence of problems of this type therefore damages the quality of the service provided to customers, at the same time as causing significant losses to Telecel Vodafone.

Telecel Vodafone also uses the services of other international operators. As soon as the fault was detected, Telecel Vodafone immediately arranged for the migration of the roaming signal from PT/Marconi to these other operators. Telecel Vodafone is making every effort to return the situation to normal within the next few days.