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Telecel Vodafone – Netc Vizzavi portal launches shopping in partnership with D-Mail

The Netc Vizzavi portal ( or has entered into partnership with D-Mail, a company specialising in multi-channel sales, to offer on-line shopping for original presents and practical ideas from 21 August. The D-Mail shop can be accessed via the Shopping channel of the Netc Vizzavi portal ( or at

Through the Netc Vizzavi portal, it is now possible to buy a huge range of highly original products, in particular useful items for the home, office, sport and leisure and small electronic goods.

The shopping channel of the Netc Vizzavi portal, which boasts a range of over 100,000 products, is easy to navigate and offers secure transactions and speedy delivery. It also provides customers with a range of additional services such as gift suggestions, thematic specialities, assisted searches and personalised service by each shop.

D-Mail is a company owned by, Italy’s leading multi-channel shopping group, which successfully combines traditional off-line sales channels with more modern on-line channels. D-Mail will be replicating in Portugal the successful business model developed in Italy by