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Press Releases

Telecel Vodafone – Voice Controlled Mailbox

Telecel Vodafone is the first operator in Portugal to introduce voice recognition to its Voice Mail system.

Telecel Vodafone customers will now be able to access their Mailbox from any phone, and listen to and organise received messages, using simple voice commands in Portuguese.

Amongst other advantages, this new facility will increase mobility and freedom of movement in numerous situations, namely when driving or using a computer. It will still be possible to access the Mailbox using the handset keys, since this function will continue to be valid.

Initially, the Voice Controlled Mailbox Service will only be available to customers on Regular Tariff Plans. It is expected, however, that it will soon be on offer also with pre-paid services.

The service can be activated via Telecel Vodafone Customer Services (16 9 12). The activation fee is 500 escudos (2.49 euros).

The above prices are subject to VAT at the applicable rate.