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Quinta-Feira, 24 de Outubro de 2002

Carnide Parish Council and Vodafone organise beginners’ computer course for senior citizens

Pioneering initiative

Lisbon, 24 October 2002 – Senior citizens in Carnide have been taking part since 21 October in a beginners’ computer course organised by the Parish Council and Vodafone. For all the participants, aged between 61 and 71, this is their first contact with the world of information technology.

The objective of the initiative is to help participants to learn how to use the new information technologies (computers, Internet, mobile phones) in a convivial atmosphere that enables them to overcome their initial fears and resistance.

To help create this atmosphere and as an incentive to participants to maintain and extend their newly-acquired skills when the course is over, the organisers have developed the idea of the ‘mentor’ – a family member or younger friend with some experience in the subject who can assist them in the future.

Vodafone has supplied the equipment (computers and mobile phones) and a team of trainers, all of whom are company employees, who have volunteered to assist with the course. After the course is over, a computer with an Internet connection, donated by Vodafone, will continue to be available for use at Carnide Parish Council. Carnide Parish Council made the premises available and publicised the initiative as part of its Senior Citizens Week.