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Terça-Feira, 26 de Novembro de 2002

Vodafone demonstrates UMTS services in real time

Video telephony, video streaming and high speed Internet on the move

Lisbon, 26 November 2002 – During the annual communications conference, Vodafone Telecel will be demonstrating future services to be supported on the UMTS network, such as video telephony, video streaming and high-speed Internet browsing. The demonstrations will take place in real time on the UMTS network already installed by Vodafone. Also, and for the first time in Portugal, live television streaming will be demonstrated on the GPRS network.

Video telephony on UMTS is the third generation development of voice telephony, allowing telephone conversations in audio and video from mobile phones. Very high-speed mobile Internet access (up to 384 Kbps) will also be demonstrated on the UMTS network. It will also be possible to watch video streaming on UMTS.

Vodafone’s GPRS network will be used to support the first demonstration in Portugal of video streaming, making it possible to view, among other audio and video content, live television broadcasts on a Nokia 7650 mobile phone (available from Vodafone).

Following the launch of Vodafone live! on 8 November, the latest multimedia services will also be available, such as MMS, Java games in colour, polyphonic ringtones and a wide range of content on a coloured mobile portal colour with icon navigation.

Vodafone in Portugal is once again demonstrating its leadership in the new mobile multimedia content services (pictures, video and audio) supported both on second and third generation technologies.

The demonstration of these new services can be seen on the Vodafone Telecel stand at the 12th Communications Conference (APDC), which began today at the Lisbon Conference Centre (FIL, Junqueira).