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Vodafone launches new Vitamina aimed at immigrant market

Lisbon, 7 November 2002 – Vodafone will tomorrow launch a new product in the Vitamina family, called Vitamina Home, aimed at the market segment of immigrants to Portugal from Eastern Europe, Brazil and other countries.

This new Vitamina has been specially designed with the specific needs of these customers in mind, allowing them as it does to keep in touch at competitive prices with their families and friends back home and in Portugal.

The Vitamina Home allows users to choose a “home number”, that is a fixed line telephone number in their home country to which they can make calls for € 0.29 a minute, in the case of Eastern Europe, Brazil and certain other countries.

The launch promotion is based on a phone with the differentiating feature that it allows the language spoken by the customer to be selected. Initially, phones will be available with menus in Portuguese, Russian and English. Literature and communications with Vitamina Home customers, including the user manual and rate card, will also be available in a number of languages such as Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian and English, as well as in Portuguese.

In addition, Vodafone Customer Services will be available every working day between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. in Russian – a language generally understood by inhabitants of the former Soviet Union.