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Press Releases

Vodafone Telecel’s Quality System certified under ISO 9001:2000

Vodafone Telecel’s Quality Management System, which covers the entire organisation, has been accredited by APCER (the Portuguese Certification Association) under standard NP EN ISO 9001:2000.

Vodafone Telecel thus becomes the first telecommunications operator in Portugal to obtain Total Certification under this worldwide renowned standard.

The new standard NP EN ISO 9001:2000 (which replaces the former one dating from 1994) stipulates a set of practices designed to promote excellence in the organisation, including management through processes, continuous improvement and consideration of the needs of all the stakeholders (customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees and the public).

The certification awarded by APCER, an independent body, recognises Vodafone Telecel’s Quality Management System as a key tool in the continuous improvement of its organisation, internal processes and working methods, with the ultimate objective of greater customer satisfaction.

It also represents the culmination of a process of major involvement by all the Company’s departments and employees.

The Certificate that has been awarded testifies to Vodafone Telecel’s strong commitment to Quality at all levels of the organisation and its constant concern to achieve the highest standards of quality in the products and services it offers and in satisfying its customers.