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Vodafone Telecel in South Korea

Vodafone Telecel in South Korea

Lisbon, 2 May 2002 – Following the signing of a roaming agreement with
the South Korean company SK Telecom, Vodafone Telecel customers will be able
to use the South Korean operator’s network as from 3 May.

It will be recalled that the coming World Football Championships, in which
the Portuguese side will be taking part, are to be held in Japan and South Korea
between 31 May and 30 June.

Also this year, Vodafone Telecel’s international coverage was extended in March
to the Aland Islands of Finland, and reinforced in Khazakistan and the Indian
states of Andra Pradesh and Karnataka.

With the signing of this recent agreement, Vodafone Telecel’s roaming service
will now be available on the networks of 231 international operators in 108
countries on the five continents.