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Segunda-Feira, 3 de Junho de 2002

Vodafone Test Track

Race simulation in Ferrari F2001 replicas

Vodafone is offering a fantastic experience to its customers
by enabling them to compete in a virtual Formula 1 race at the wheel of an F1

The experience will take place on board of a promotional vehicle, the Test
Track, which carries three Ferrari F2001 replicas equipped with race simulators.
The trial consists of driving three laps of the legendary Monza circuit at the
wheel of an F1 Ferrari and trying to beat the times of Michael Schumacher or
the other three drivers who competed against him at the time.

This opportunity is open exclusively to Vodafone customers, who must bring
their mobile phones with them – in order to be recognised as customers when
they enter the area and to send a text message (SMS) when asked to do so.

Immediately before starting the virtual race, the customer will be required
to send an SMS (€1 per message) to a number given to him at the time. At
the end, there will be prizes for the drivers (Vodafone T-Shirt) and for the
winners of each race (Vodafone Polo Shirt). Those who beat the record for the
best time will win a fabulous Ferrari bodywarmer.

The first phase of the promotion will take place in Lisbon between 1 and 5
May. The next phases will take place in Oporto on 6, 7 and 8 June, and at Portimão
Marina between 10 and 14 June.