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Segunda-Feira, 27 de Janeiro de 2003

MMS to any network and to any phone

Vodafone Telecel to supply interconnection with other networks and sending to phones that do not support MMS

Lisbon, 27 January 2003 – As from today, Vodafone Telecel is giving its customers the facility to send picture messages (MMS) to any phone and to any Portuguese network.

Vodafone Telecel has signed an interconnection agreement with TMN and Optimus allowing Vodafone Telecel customers to exchange multimedia messages with these operators’ networks.

With the establishment of this national MMS interconnection agreement, Portugal becomes one of the first countries in Europe to permit the exchange of picture messages (MMS) containing pictures, text and audio between all the country’s mobile networks.

Vodafone Telecel was the first operator to launch MMS in Portugal, on 8 May 2002, and already enables customers to send picture messages while roaming and to phones that do not support the service. In the latter case, when a Vodafone Telecel customer receives a multimedia message on a non-MMS-compatible phone, he is sent an SMS alert containing a personal code, which allows him to read the message on Vodafone Telecel’s website at

With the establishment of national interconnection, all Vodafone Telecel customers will be able to send picture messages to any phone, irrespective of the network and the type of phone called.

Each multimedia message sent to the other national networks is charged at the same rate applicable to MMS sent within Vodafone Telecel network.