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Press Releases

Vodafone Telecel acquires MailTec’s stake in Nexenter

Lisbon, 14 January 2003 – Vodafone Telecel has signed an agreement to acquire MailTec’s participation in Nexenter. Nexenter, Portugal’s first Datacenter Infrastructure Provider, was established by Vodafone Telecel in February 2001.

The stake, amounting to 20% of Nexenter’s share capital, represented by approximately five hundred thousand ordinary registered shares with a nominal value of one euro per share, is being bought from MailTec for around five hundred thousand euros.

Vodafone Telecel, which is buying the shares with all rights and free of any entailment or charges, will thus become the sole shareholder of Nexenter, holding 100% of its share capital represented by two million five hundred thousand shares of one euro each.