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Quarta-Feira, 19 de Fevereiro de2003

Live TV and MMS with video available on mobile phones for the first time in Portugal

Vodafone live!

Lisbon, 19 February 2003 – With the launch of its Video Services, Vodafone becomes the only operator in Portugal to enable its customers to watch television and videos on their mobile phones.

As from today, customers using Vodafone live! will be able to receive live TV news at certain times of the day, live traffic via video, movie trailers, stock market daily news, etc. They will also be able to record short videos and send them via MMS to other mobile phones or e-mail addresses.

Initially, these services will be available on Nokia 7650 handsets, both in Portugal and in all countries abroad covered by GPRS roaming agreements.

All Nokia 7650 handsets sold from today in Vodafone shops will offer quick and simple access to the Video Services via Vodafone live!. Customers with existing phones will be able to download and install the video software from the Vodafone live! portal or in Vodafone shops.

For its Video Services content, Vodafone Telecel partners include SIC, BigOnline, LNK filmes, Maxmen and TVI.

Until the end of March, access to the Vodafone live! mobile portal, including the Video Services, is free at weekends.