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Press Releases

Vodafone Telecel’s Board will issue its Report on Vodafone Group’s offer until 19 February

Lisbon, 14 February 2003 – Having noted the news article published in yesterday’s Financial Times’ edition according to which the Board of Vodafone Telecel – Comunicações Pessoais, S.A. (“Vodafone Telecel”) would recommend acceptance of the tender offer preliminarily announced on 5 February (the “Offer”) by Vodafone Group plc, Vodafone Telecel wishes to inform the general public that its Board has not yet decided its position on the Offer.

The Board is currently drafting the report stipulated in Article 181 of the Securities Code, under the terms of which the Board is required, within 8 days following receipt of the draft of the Offer announcement, to publish a report on the opportunity and conditions of the Offer.

This report will be disclosed until 19 February 2003 (inclusive).