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Portugal – Brazil match live on Vodafone live! video services

Lisbon, 27 March 2003 – For the first time in Portugal, fans will be able to watch an entire football match as it happens on the small screens of mobile phones. With the co-operation of television channel TVI, Vodafone Telecel customers who own Nokia 7650 handsets, enabled for Vodafone live! video services, will be able to watch live broadcast of the match between Portugal and Brazil on Saturday 29 March.

Transmission of the game via the Vodafone Telecel network will begin at 8 p.m. and continue until the end of the match. In addition to the option of watching the full match, customers will be able to connect at any time to watch just parts of the game. This option will be especially useful to those who find themselves away from a television set.

Vodafone launched its Video Services on 19 February 2003, – the first, and still the only, operator in Portugal to offer its customers television broadcasts and video on their mobile phones.