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Vodafone Telecel launches new product based on GPRS technology

Lisbon, 7 April 2003 – Vodafone Telecel is today launching a brand-new product based on GPRS technology, aimed mainly at the business sector.

The product, known as the Vodafone Mobile Connect Card, consists of a SMS and GPRS-mode data transmission solution that combines a communications and access management application and a card of the PCMCIA type with a Vodafone SIM card. Installed in a portable computer, it provides the customer with easy, secure and rapid access on-the-move to his company’s e-mail, Internet and other computer applications. It also allows for extremely easy SMS sending and receiving.

This new product has been developed with three basic requirements in mind: ease of installation and use; compliance with security standards to protect the confidentiality of data (128-bit encryption and authentication based on the SIM card); and connection and operating speed (it is capable of achieving transmission speeds of 48 kbps on downlink and 24 kbps on uplink).

Once the card, which is equipped with a small retractile antenna, is inserted into the computer, the user is able to send and receive data in his PC without the need for additional equipment. This way, the user’s phone is completely available for voice communications, ensuring the customer means of contact are easy and efficient.

As with a mobile phone, the Vodafone Mobile Connect Card can be used in any country with a GPRS roaming agreement with Vodafone Telecel, in just the same way as in Portugal.

By adopting the Vodafone Mobile Connect Card solution, the customer can perform his activities using the required information systems from anywhere in Portugal, Spain (Vodafone Spain), France (SFR), Switzerland (Swisscom), United Kingdom (Vodafone UK), Germany (Vodafone D2), Italy (Vodafone Omnitel), Ireland (Vodafone Eircell), Greece (Panafon), Sweden (Europolitan), Hungary (Vodafone Hungary), Netherlands (Vodafone Netherlands), Denmark (TDC), Finland (Radiolinja) and Check Republic (Eurotel).