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Press Releases

Vodafone launches Live Traffic service

Lisbon, 3 June 2003 – In co-operation with the Portuguese Roads Institute (IEP), Vodafone Telecel today launches its new Live Traffic service on the Vodafone live! portal.

The service enables users to view constantly updated photographs transmitted from over 30 cameras installed at various locations in Greater Lisbon and Greater Oporto.

The information will be supplied by IEP and is intended to contribute to more effective use of the road network and increase road safety by providing users with real-time information about traffic conditions on certain roads.

Within the next few weeks, the service will employ a larger number of cameras and offer the possibility of subscribing to alerts. Alerts will provide customers with images of places they want to see, at the times they choose.

The video area of Vodafone live! already allows users to view live traffic conditions in Lisbon (2ª Circular) and Oporto (VCI / A3-A4) on a promotional basis. Live Traffic will enhance the range of options available on Vodafone live! and introduces yet another innovative and useful service for its customers.