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Press Releases

Oporto Municipal Council, Optimus, TMN, Vodafone and IT join forces to measure electromagnetic radiation

Lisbon, 15 September 2005 – The Mayor of Oporto Municipal Council, the Institute of Telecommunications (IT) and Portugal’s three mobile telecommunications operators (Optimus, TMN and Vodafone) today signed agreement to set up electromagnetic field remote monitoring networks in the municipality.

The obvious importance attached to initiatives of this kind is heightened by the co-operation between the three operators in expanding Project monIT.

The project, managed by the Institute of Telecommunications with the support of Optimus, TMN and Vodafone, is intended to provide the general public with relevant information about levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields, in particular those generated by telecommunications antennas.

In addition to publishing the results of systematic monitoring in various public places in the country and specific technical information, Project monIT offers a range of scientifically rigorous information on its website about exposure to electromagnetic radiation from mobile telecommunications systems in language readily understandable by the general public.

Conscious of public concern about the possible effects of such radiation and the need to provide as much accurate information as possible to its citizens, Oporto Municipal Council is co-operating in the installation of the necessary infrastructures to participate in this pioneering initiative in Portugal.