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Launch of Vodafone Casa for the residential segment

Lisbon, 24 October 2006 – Vodafone is tomorrow launching a very competitive voice and data telecommunications solution for the residential market. Called ‘Vodafone Casa’, it is designed to replace the traditional home phone and also includes Internet access solutions. All the services have the common characteristics of ease of installation, simplicity in use and very competitive rates.

In this phase, Vodafone Casa includes the TØ Voz, T1 Net and T2 Voz Net services. Later, new services and new terms will be added, all designed to improve Vodafone customers’ home communications.

TØ Voz is the solution that replaces the home phone: with no subscription, it has a monthly cost of €12.50 which includes 10 hours a month of calls to any number on the national fixed network at any time of the day or night. TØ Voz uses the cellular network for the home connection, which means that the customer can do away completely with the fixed line and, consequently, the fixed operator’s standing charges. In addition, it assigns the fixed network numbering (2XXXXXXXX) in terms of the address where it is to be used and only works at that address. Customers can also opt to keep their existing fixed network number when shifting to Vodafone Casa.

Calls to mobile networks are charged at €0.14 per minute to the Vodafone network and €0.19 per minute to other mobile networks. For those who make large numbers of calls to the Vodafone network, there will be an additional option (TØ 1 Voz) which, while sharing all the characteristics of TØ Voz, offers calls at 0 cents after the first minute to Vodafone’s mobile network on Monday to Friday nights.

T1 Net is the Broadband Internet access service. Immediately and simply installed, Vodafone Casa T1 Net uses the recently launched ‘Vodafone Internet Connect Box’ with USB plug&play connection and offers speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps. The T1 Net service can be installed on any computer and used in any location. T1 Net is a more economical version of Vodafone’s mobile broadband service, with monthly charges from €22.50, designed for use at a single address, but can also be used without any geographical restrictions on payment of an additional €1 for each day it is used away from the activation address.

With T2 Voz Net, the customer obtains two services in one. In addition to all the characteristics of the TØ Voz and T1 Net services, with T2 Voz Net customers receive just one bill. It is therefore particularly suitable for those who want voice communications and Internet access in their homes.

The launch of Vodafone Casa is part of the broadening of the company’s strategy to new business areas in the telecommunications market. With this new offer, Vodafone is demonstrating its commitment to continue to develop and launch useful and highly competitive communications services to meet the growing communications needs of its customers.

Tarifário Vodafone Casa

Tarifário TØ Voz e TØ 1 Voz

Tarifário T1 Net

Tarifário T2 Voz Net

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