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Vodafone offers free calls in December

Lisbon, 27 November 2006 – As at past Christmas seasons, Vodafone will be offering its personal customers free voice calls and videocalls to the Vodafone network and voice calls to the fixed network during December.

This Christmas, customers have two options. Under the usual option, which dates back to 2002, the amount that subscribing customers spend on these types of call during December will be reimbursed to them in January to be used how and when they wish.

Alternatively, customers can opt to receive double the amount they spend on such calls in December provided that they use it in the 30 days after receiving the credit in January. Under this option, the credited amount can be used on voice calls to the Vodafone network and the national fixed network.

Customers wishing to benefit from this promotion simply need to make a free call to 1275. The subscription cost for either option is 5 euros.

Over the years, Vodafone has launched a number of promotions covering various types of call – voice, SMS and MMS, among others – which have enabled customers to try out the services available to them at even keener prices. The free or low prices involved in these initiatives have attracted significant numbers of customers to subscribe to them.

Through initiatives like these, Vodafone aims to demonstrate to its customers its capacity for innovation, price flexibility, simplicity of processes and the attractiveness of its offer.