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Statement by Vodafone Portugal on Roaming

Lisbon, 28 March 2006 – Vodafone has been noted for its significant contribution to the greatly increased transparency and simplicity of and major reduction in roaming charges, to the benefit of consumers.

In fact, mobile roaming charges have received the closest attention from Vodafone for a long time. From the launch of Eurocall in January 2001 and Eurocall Platinum in September 2002 to the launch of Vodafone Travel in June 2005, Vodafone has been regularly introducing specific roaming services aimed at making roaming calls cheaper and simpler.

Vodafone shares the desire of the European Commission to reduce roaming costs and make them more transparent. Vodafone Travel is an illustration of Vodafone’s approach to roaming services, offering simplicity and clarity in prices. The structure of the Vodafone Travel “fixed charge plus the usual domestic charge” provides roaming users with assurance about the costs they are incurring.

Vodafone is therefore surprised that the comparison of roaming charges published on the European Commission’s website * does not include Vodafone Travel rates, which would make clear the low roaming prices that it offers internationally.

By way of example, and contrary to what is published today by the Lusa Press Agency, with Vodafone Travel a Portuguese customer on the Vita Light Total price plan (the most popular in Portugal) would pay:

• 1.96 euros for a 4-minute call made in Spain (and not 6.05 euros as stated), a reduction of 61% compared with Vodafone Portugal’s normal roaming tariff

• 0.80 euros for a 4-minute call received in Spain (and not 2.13 euros as stated), a reduction of 56% compared with Vodafone Portugal’s normal roaming tariff

It should be added that Vodafone Travel is available to all Vodafone Portugal customers (both prepaid and postpaid), does not have any sign-on cost and offers savings on roaming calls in excess of 50% in most cases, with the result that comparisons of roaming prices should indisputably include this tariff.

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