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Vodafone launches Windows Mobile E-mail

Lisbon, 28 March 2006 – Vodafone, the pioneer of Mobile E-mail in Portugal with the launch of the Vodafone BlackBerry in October 2004, today begins the roll-out of the new home and mobile e-mail access technology – Vodafone Windows Mobile E-mail.

The new Vodafone Windows Mobile E-mail is a Push E-mail solution that replicates the Outlook environment on mobile phones, online and without the need for programming or synchronisation. This new technology automatically synchronises e-mail inboxes and outboxes, calendar and calendar views, tasks, access to remote contacts directories, and definition and viewing of tasks in total mobility, a major advance on the current system on the market, Pull E-mail, in which the user has to program or specifically request data from the server.

The service is available to customers with a Microsoft Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 e-mail server via handsets with Windows Mobile 5.0, Qtek S200, Qtek 9100 and Qtek 9000, the last of which offers 3G access. With these handsets it is possible, among other facilities, to access the Internet, process multimedia content (music clips, videos, etc) and download, edit and send text files (Word) and spreadsheets (Excel) via e-mail.

Accompanying the commercial launch of this technology, Vodafone is also introducing a new price plan matched to this type of use: Standard Mobile E-mail, offering 120MB for 30 euros a month, while the existing price plan of 30 MB for 13 euros a month for occasional use of the service continues to be offered.

This development makes Vodafone the operator with the widest range of mobile e-mail solutions that meet the needs of all segments of the market: from solutions for professionals based on POP3 to Web e-mail access, to more sophisticated solutions for businesses that require a specific installation as with the BlackBerry BES solution designed for heavy users who want a handheld specifically designed to interact with e-mail, optimised use of mobile data and optimal battery use (in Portugal and abroad) which offers unrivalled reliability and security. The Vodafone Windows Mobile E-mail solution, in addition to offering always-on e-mail access, also allows users to access other Windows corporate applications in an environment very similar to the Windows system and without the need for additional investment in servers or licences.

Prices stated do not include VAT.