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New phones for Vodafone Mobile E-mail service

Lisbon, 27 June 2006 – Vodafone, who pioneered Mobile E-mail in Portugal with its BlackBerry® service, is launching a wide range of new handsets in response to requests from its professional customers in this area of mobile services.

By launching a new range of 6 mobile phones for its Mobile E-mail solutions, Vodafone is significantly extending customer choice and access to mobile e-mail solutions, both in terms of price and in terms of brand and functions.

Vodafone has the widest range of mobile e-mail solutions in Portugal: Vodafone BlackBerry®, Vodafone Windows Mobile E-mail and Vodafone E-mail On Demand, meeting the requirements of all segments of the market and available on over 30 mobile phones.

The new range (see attachment) includes a further four 3G phones offering access to the BlackBerry® and Windows Mobile E-mail solutions, several handsets with full Qwerty keyboards, substantial improvements in terms of ease of use and smaller size, and phones at lower prices, all of which will help to boost the penetration of this service in Portugal. These phones, together with the various Mobile E-mail solutions available from Vodafone, will provide customers with better access to their e-mail, calendar, address book, Internet, Intranet and other corporate applications, in addition to having, among other features, the usual mobile phone functions (voice and SMS).

To make the use of this service more accessible, Vodafone is offering a range of price plans to meet the needs of different types of user.

As a promotion until 31 July 2006, Vodafone is offering a credit of €25 on the Mobile E-mail service which will allow users to use the service free of charge in the early stages.

Additionally, customers who activate the service by 30 September 2006 and take out a 24-month contract will receive the following benefits:

– Special terms on the purchase of new mobile phones when purchasing the voice and Mobile E-mail service at the same time.
– The monthly charge on Vodafone BlackBerry® solution price plans has been reduced from €20 to €13 for the Professional/Personal (BlackBerry Internet Service™) solution and from €35 to €28 for the Corporate solution.
– Free installation, software and licences for the Vodafone BlackBerry® Corporate solution (BlackBerry Enterprise Server™).

Prices stated do not include VAT