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Segunda-Feira, 5 de Junho de 2006

SMSbyMail Service

New Vodafone service breaks ground in Portugal

Lisbon, 5 June 2006 – As from today, Vodafone is offering all its customers a new service known as SMSbyMail.

This new service enables users to send text messages (SMS) from a computer (laptop or desktop) as if they were e-mails.

The Vodafone SMSbyMail service is fully integrated with the Microsoft Outlook e-mail application, making it possible to use the customer’s e-mail contacts and to automatically detect the addressee’s phone number by just searching for the desired name or use distribution lists in the same way as with e-mails. With this service, SMS with a maximum of 612 text characters can be sent to various addressees simultaneously.

Vodafone SMSbyMail has a number of other functions including the possibility of customers receiving reminders on their phone about dates scheduled in the calendar of their e-mail program.

This service is ideal both for individuals (for example, for composing and sending the same SMS to several friends or family members simultaneously) and for professional use (for example, a doctor’s surgery can quickly inform all its patients via SMS of a last minute change to their appointments).

As a launch promotion, SMSbyMail can be installed free until 31 July 2006 and messages can be sent at the promotional price of 9 cents until 30 September 2006. Calendar reminders cost 6 cents each. There are no fixed monthly charges for the service and customers are only debited for messages sent.

To use the service it is only necessary to install a small application on the PC which can be downloaded from the website The application is also available on CD at Vodafone shops and the other usual outlets.

This launch is part of Vodafone’s drive to develop mobile data services and is a significant step towards increasing the use of useful, innovative services in Portugal.