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Vodafone launches 3.6Mbps Broadband Internet for any computer and with just 2 clicks

Lisbon, 7 September 2006 – From tomorrow, there will be an easier way to access broadband Internet on any desktop computer or laptop, without any installation or configuration hassles. With just 2 clicks, it will be possible to surf at broadband speeds of up to 3.6Mbps.

With the pioneering launch of the 3G Broadband 3.6Mbps network and the Vodafone Internet Connect Box, Vodafone becomes the first operator in Portugal to offer Internet access at broadband speeds of up to 3.6Mbps, around 10 times faster than currently available with 3G.

With the new Vodafone Internet Connect Box there is no need for an installation CD or any configuration. All the user has to do is connect the equipment to the computer’s USB port and the connection process is initiated automatically. After just 2 clicks, the Vodafone customer has access to broadband Internet.

Since the connection is made using a USB port, Internet access can be obtained on any computer, either a laptop or a desktop PC. The Vodafone Internet Connect Box therefore offers two solutions in a single device: access on the move or from any desktop computer (at home, away from home or at work).

The Vodafone Internet Connect Box is available as from tomorrow in Vodafone shops at a price of 199.9 euros, or 149.9 euros with a 12-month contract. With the launch of the Vodafone Internet Connect Box, a new 3G Broadband 3.6Mbps price plan comes into force, the only plan that offers speeds of up to 3.6Mbps (rates attached). There is a range of special subscription terms which include a discount of 5 euros on the monthly charge valid for all subscriptions made before 31 December 2006.

The pioneering launch of this solution and of the Broadband 3.6Mbps network, currently available in Lisbon, Oporto and parts of the Algarve, together with the rapid expansion of its 3.5G/HSDPA network, which already covers around 130 cities in Portugal, enables Vodafone to offer its customers widespread access to 3G Broadband technology and further reinforces its leadership of Third Generation Mobile in Portugal.

3G Broadband 3.6Mbps Price Plan

* Includes promotional discount of €5 valid until 31 December 2007 for subscriptions made by 31 December 2006.
** Valid for subscriptions made up to 30 September 2006 on signature of a 12-month contract. Subscriptions without a contract or effected after this date include 2GB download and 500MB upload.
*** Happy Hour option valid only for subscriptions made by 31 December 2006.

Prices include VAT. Calls outside the pack are billed at 0.025 €/MB.