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Vodafone launches sales force management service

Lisbon, 17 January 2007 – Vodafone is today launching, exclusively in Portugal, MobileSales, a solution that facilitates the real-time mobile management of all the information related to companies’ sales operations.

The result of a partnership with Tekever, MobileSales benefits from the data transmission potentialities of the mobile network to facilitate the work processes of sales professionals who operate in the field and the optimal management of backoffice and stocks processes. The solution enables users, among other functions, to view data on customers, products and available stocks, place orders and manage sales targets on the move in real time. MobileSales also includes a management module for configuring the system and related databases, and for managing different users’ access permissions.

MobileSales is compatible with a wide range of PDAs, smartphones and laptops available on the market.

The solution is aimed at companies that do not have a management application of any kind and wish to computerise their sales operation, and at companies that want to complement standard management (ERP) solutions with out-of-office access.

MobileSales is sold in “turnkey” format – that is, it includes configuration, software use licence, maintenance and access to new releases throughout the contract period, and national data calls. For a fixed monthly cost, it is possible to equip a company’s sales force with a complete solution which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

This partnership between Vodafone and Tekever puts a quality solution within the reach of all companies, offering them real benefits in terms of sales force management and helping them to increase their productivity.