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Vodafone launches new postpaid plans

Lisbon, 1 October 2007 – Vodafone has today launched new postpaid price plans for personal customers. In addition to offering the best rates for voice calls, the new ‘Best’ plans are a flexible and innovative offer providing solutions for different usage profiles plus a Family option, unique in Portugal, that allows customers to add several numbers to the same account, with all calls between them free.

With the new ‘Best’ plans, Vodafone customers can call the Vodafone network for 3.5 cents a minute after the first minute or all networks from 9.9 cents a minute, a significant discount on previous postpaid rates.

With minimum monthly consumption ranging from 14.90 to 49.90 euros on national voice calls, these plans are extremely attractive to users who make moderate or heavy use of their mobile phone, with the cost being matched to the customer’s frequency of use.

The competitiveness of this new offer is further increased by the Family option, which is ideal for those who are aiming to economise on their family’s mobile phone costs. This option allows users to have 4 numbers on the same account and to make calls between them at 0 cents, while sharing the minimum consumption on the account.

Lastly, to avoid phone costs coming as a surprise, users of these plans can monitor their use at no cost through Vodafone’s Infobest service.

This launch increases Vodafone’s competitiveness in the Portuguese market by combining in one offer the best prices, modest commitments and cost monitoring facilities.