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Vodafone quadruples upload speed for Mobile Broadband

Lisbon, 29 November 2007 – As from today, Vodafone is providing HSUPA (High Speed Uplink Packet Access) technology for the first time in Portugal. This technology makes it possible to increase upload speeds on the Mobile Broadband network to 1.4 Mbps, four times the speed offered up to now.

Using this technology it will be possible, for example, to send emails or files four times faster, at speeds similar to those offered by the fixed network.

This new upload speed is available with the 3.6 Mbps and 7.2 Mbps Mobile Broadband price plans without any change to the monthly cost.

The provision of HSUPA technology reinforces Vodafone’s position as the mobile operator that offers the fastest Mobile Broadband access on the Portuguese market, both in terms of download speeds (up to 7.2 Mbps in certain parts of the country) and upload speeds (with the introduction of speeds of up to 1.4 Mbps).

This technology comes on stream in Lisbon today and is expected to be extended rapidly during the first quarter of 2008 to over 50 cities including all district capitals.

Vodafone already offers three devices that support this technology: the Vodafone Connect Card in Express Card format, on sale at 129.90 euros; the Vodafone Connect Box, which connects to a PC via a USB port, on sale at 99.90 euros; and the innovative, recently launched Vodafone Connect Pen, priced at 149.90 euros. As part of the Christmas promotion, customers who purchase one of these devices by 6 January will get back the entire purchase price as credits on their service bills. They will also benefit from unlimited traffic at a time of their choice and a free gift of Panda Security Antivirus Firewall 2008.