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Segunda-Feira, 10 de Dezembro de 2007

Vodafone Say Net

Mobile Broadband for people with special needs

Lisbon, 10 December 2007 – Vodafone has just launched the Vodafone Say Net tariff plan offering special terms for Mobile Broadband Internet access for people with special needs. This offer includes 50% off the monthly subscription for the 3.6 Mbps Broadband plan with 5GB of included traffic and speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps, reducing the cost to subscribers to 19.95 euros a month.

In August, Vodafone Portugal launched a more recent version of the Vodafone Say (introduced onto the market in July 2005) enabling blind and visually impaired people to make full use of all the functions of a mobile phone.

Already installed free of charge by Vodafone on over 700 phones, Vodafone Say is a solution specially designed for the visually impaired which enables them to use all the functions of a mobile phone by means of Text to Speech (TTS) conversion.

This means that people who are blind or visually impaired are able to use services such as SMS, MMS or E-mail, or navigate on the Vodafone live! portal. They can also know who is calling, make a call from the address book, use the calendar function and check the network and battery charge, as well as hearing the time, date, etc.

With this offer of special rates and adapted phones, Vodafone aims to contribute effectively to this social group’s access to and full integration in the Information Society.