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Press Releases

Vodafone and Quercus launch Environmental Awareness and Information Campaign

Lisbon, 1 February 2007 - In partnership with Quercus, a Vodafone is to launch an information campaign about the re-use and recycling of mobile phones, batteries and accessories. Entitled Campaign Re-Use, the campaign will take place in 12 shopping centres from the north to the south of mainland Portugal during the weekends from February to April 2007.

Campaign Re-Use will adopt an attractive and fun approach, in particular through the EcoJogo game, to inform and raise awareness in people of all ages in an accessible and entertaining way about the importance of the proper use of mobile phones and about disposing of them at the end of their useful life. Participants in the game who correctly answer the questions put to them will win ecological gifts.

This partnership between Quercus and Vodafone is intended to further raise environmental awareness, both individual and collective, thereby contributing overall to society's involvement in these issues.