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Vodafone launches customer management service for companies

Lisbon, 13 February 2007 – Vodafone today launched, exclusively in Portugal, MobileClients, a solution that enables companies to manage up-to-date information about their customers in real time and on the move.

MobileClients is the second in a range of services aimed at the corporate market that have resulted from a partnership with Tekever and that can be adopted, either individually or as a set, to achieve a wider range of functions such as analysing sales by customer characteristics.

The solution is intended to help sales teams in the field to look up and manage, in real time, all the information held on customers, anywhere and anytime from their mobile phone, PDA or PC. By means of a mobile connection to the central database, sales professionals in the field can look up customers’ key characteristics, update the history of transactions with them, view and manage open opportunities, access diary engagements and determine the status of targets, among other functions.

By using MobileClients, the company can benefit from better informed professionals and have more accurate control over their activities so as to provide a better service to customers based on correct and constantly updated information.

The MobileClients service, like the recently launched MobileSales service, offers a web management module for configuring the system and the related databases and to extract reports of activities.

Vodafone is providing its corporate customers with MobileClients in “turnkey” format, including configuration, software use licence, maintenance and access to new releases throughout the contract period, and national data calls.

For a fixed monthly price, it is possible to equip a company’s field sales force with a complete and efficient customer management solution which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, so contributing to increasing the company’s productivity.