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Vodafone offers access to personal e-mail accounts on mobile phones

Lisbon, 8 March 2007 – As from today, Vodafone customers will be able to access their personal e-mail accounts from their mobile phones. The new Vodafone My Mail service allows access to the personal e-mail account that customers normally use on their computer, and it is not necessary to create a new account.

After signing agreements with the leading national and international e-mail services, Vodafone now provides access to MSN Hotmail, Sapo, IOL, Netcabo, Clix, Netvisão, Telepac, Novis, AOL and AR Telecom addresses, among others. Further agreements with major international services are being negotiated and will be able to be used shortly.

Configuration of the phone is automatic. Customers simply have to give the e-mail address and password. To begin, all customers have to do is to send a free SMS to 16912 containing the text MY MAIL. Whenever the customer receives new e-mails, an alert sounds on the mobile phone and the customer can then perform all the actions normally available on a PC such as read, reply or forward.

Vodafone My Mail already works on a wide range of mobile phones and the list of handsets that support the service will continue to grow over the coming weeks.

Vodafone My Mail offers carefree e-mail access on mobile phones. There is no monthly subscription to the service until 31 May to enable customers to familiarise themselves with the service. After the free period, customers will be able to continue to receive all personal e-mails on their mobile phones for €3 a month.