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Quinta-Feira, 26 de Abril de 2007

Vodafone Mobile TV

Launch of new SIC channel

Lisbon, 26 April 2007 – Vodafone and SIC are today launching the new SIC channel on the Vodafone Mobile TV service.

Broadcasting 24 hours a day, the new SIC channel will carry live a range of programmes from SIC’s generalist channel and rebroadcast various pre-recorded SIC programmes.

News bulletins (Jornal da Tarde and Jornal de Noite), entertainment programmes (Fátima and Contacto), Portuguese-produced soaps (Floribella 2 and Vingança) and many other SIC programmes make up the 24-hour broadcasting schedule of the SIC mobile channel.

According to António Carriço, Director of Global Products and Innovation at Vodafone Portugal, “The launch of the new SIC channel is a further important step in the consolidation and growth of the Vodafone Mobile TV service. Having all the generalist Portuguese channels available 24 hours a day on the Vodafone Mobile TV service has always been a priority. For this reason, the launch of the SIC channel is a cause of great satisfaction to us. António Carriço added, “The continuation of the present success of the Vodafone Mobile TV service depends on the development of a base of attractive and varied channels and on the constant innovation that Vodafone customers have come to expect.”

According to João Pedro Galveias, Director of SIC Multimedia, “SIC is now present 24 hours a day also on the Mobile TV platform. With its national coverage, this channel is an absolutely strategic project for us. With the objective of being present on all possible platforms, SIC Mobile will transmit live content (simulcast) and recorded content from various SIC programmes. Initially, SIC Mobile TV will begin only on Vodafone, but we expect this partnership to be extended shortly to the other two mobile operators. Our expectations for this channel, despite the present limitations of 3G, are very high. SIC has been working to maximise the profitability of all types of content for some time. The portability of SIC generalist is a further means to this sustained expansion which we have been working on year after year.”

The SIC channel will join the basic offer of the Vodafone Mobile TV service and will be available to all customers who subscribe to one of the subscription options for the service – 24-hour subscription (0.90 euros) or 30 days subscription (7.50 euros).